2022 Tour of Honor – Sunday Sanity Ride

I got up and got ready for today’s ride. The GPS reset and erased all user data. I reloaded today’s route, put the GPS on the bike and it looked okay. As I started the bike for the ride, the GPS reset again.

I headed off since I knew about where I was going for the first site. I pulled over and put the locations in the BMW app on my phone, which connects to the bike. I followed the directions to the first site. Along the way, the GPS reset and erased all the user data again.

I got to the first site and was ready to take a picture. I checked the memorial and found that I was looking for a small memorial that was behind the large memorial on the other side of the traffic circle. Not a problem, I rode to the other side and park where I could get a picture of the bike and the memorial. As I was ready to submit, this site needs a second picture of the memorial up close. I got that picture and was ready to head out.

I put the second GPS coordinates in both the BMW app and the GPS. They were fairly close in directions. I knew that I wanted to ride the Clifton Turnpike, the GPS had that on the map, the BMW app did not. The BMW kept recalculating and wanting me to turn into the woods.

The Clifton Turnpike was a beautiful ride. The entire ride to the second site was great, except for the car that ran a stop sign off the interstate. That was a close call.

As I got close to the second site, the GPS wanted me to turn to ride through a field. The BMW app told me to turn onto a road about a quarter mile up the road. I found my way to the Veteran’s Park where the memorial was located.

I got the picture and put the coordinates for the next site in the GPS and the BMW app.

Shortly after leaving the second site, I passed through a small town in Weakly County. There were signs of recent storm damage. One house looked fine; the house next door was only rubble on the foundation. Trees had been uprooted, huge trees! They have been cut to allow access to the road and even a few houses.

The wind started to pick up and would toss me back and forth across the road. The cars behind me were probably upset that I wasn’t going faster. The road had some nice twisties, but the wind made them challenging at reduced speed.

By the time I got to the last memorial, I had to pay a lot of attention. The memorial was on a gravel road in an open field. The winds were coming from the south, the road was headed due west. A serious crosswind. I was lucky that the memorial was at the end, with a few trees to help buffer the wind. There is a Civil War memorial up the hill. The winds were so strong that the flags had caused the poles to bend! I got my picture and put the address for the Circle K.

I started heading south into the wind. I pulled over to gas up the exit off US-51. The girl was confused giving me change, then she couldn’t figure out how to get a receipt. As I went out, I spoke with another biker who had stopped to gas up and have a smoke. Since I was there for a few minutes, I paused the Rever tracker. Later, I realized that I forgot to turn it back on.

The ride back home was very pleasant, other than fighting the winds. For about three hours I fought the winds. It finally eased up about the time I crossed into Alabama.

Back home, sore from the work out with the wind. A lot of things to do tomorrow, but all can be done inside away from the expected rain.