Ready for 2022

Unlike previous years, registration and prep for this year has been a bit easier. Unlike previous years where I had to wait until December 1 to sign up and get the next available number, I was able to reserve my number. Since I am the state sponsor for Mississippi, I was also able to register a few days early. I also signed up for the Ride To Meet in Boise, Idaho.

I wasn’t able to go to the Ride to Meet last year, even though I had registered and pre-paid. Seems that cancer surgery took a higher priority. Cancer also put a stop to a lot of my riding for a couple of months too. Of course, the start of the year also had me in a mental funk.

I am not sure why, but the least little thing would cause me to cancel a ride. The ride planned to start the year was to be a Saddle Sore with Jeff to visit the sites in Georgia. I wasn’t able to get to sleep. Jeff woke up at 2am and I was still awake. We thought about taking off, but I admitted that I wasn’t sure how far I would get. We decided to cancel the ride. Jeff said that once we decided to cancel the ride, I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. I slept until 8am and felt great to ride.

Due to being off the bikes for a few months, I am wanting to take things a bit cautious. I hope that later this week (today is February 6th), I will be able to get out for a few days on the bike. I have a list of site for future stops in Mississippi and want to check them out with pictures.

Next month, I will be heading to Greer, SC for a training class. I have signed up for the BMW Two-Day Adventure (off-road) Riding School. I am excited! I saw an article in a recent BMWMOA magazine by someone who took the class last fall. I know that I will learn a lot, I hope that I can remember everything and put it into practice.

So, for now, I’ll leave you here.