Yarn stashes….

Every Saturday morning, I pull out the AC Moore/Jo-Ann’s/Michael’s Sunday circulars, just to see what yarn is on sale. I check out Craigslist to see who’s selling yarn and knitting supplies, I browse eBay’s listings of huge yarn lots, I even have three sellers on my watch list. I get the Lion Brand Yarn and Knitpicks catalogs, I get Love of Knitting and Knit Simple magazines. The Dummies’ Guide, Idiot’s Guide, and Teach Yourself Visually knitting books. And I have about five boxes (not just little) in the basement, full of yarns.

Have I finished any projects? Well, yeah, mostly scarves. I need to expand my horizons. Think out of the box. Go circular. Mobius.

Until then, I shall enjoy my stash. Get lost in the range of colors and textures. Amuse myself with unkinking the wound-up circular needles. Dream about the square Kollage needles. Flip through the magazines and envision myself sitting contentedly knitting away…

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