When the Fan Gets Hit

What do you do when you can’t ride? Well, that depends upon the situation. Is the weather of a sort that prohibits the act of riding? Nope. The weather Saturday was bright, sunny and just about perfect for riding. So why was I not out riding you ask? One other possibility would be an injury.

One thing I keep thinking about while riding is the statement from the class that motorcycles are “invisible” to other drivers. All I can say is thank God I was not on the bike when I got hit late Friday afternoon. Even while driving a car one should always be vigilant, especially at intersections.

It is amazing what would keep you from riding. When I got hit, the point of impact was at the right front tire. When the tire was hit it caused a domino effect which actually spun the steering wheel out of my left hand and was hard enough to unlatch my watch. All I could think about right then was the other driver was at the stop sign, but I got hit while he was still accelerating. I could move my fingers so it appeared nothing was broken. I was going to need some ice and Tylenol. An adult beverage for the nerves was also in order…

The “ice” was really a package of Birdseye Steamer corn. Didn’t work that well because the hand hurt top, bottom, front, back,… all over. Enter some good old ingenuity. I got a stock pot, filled it about halfway with water and ice. Good Lord that was cold! Immerse for about a minute and out for about fifteen. Repeated that about four times an hour about six hours adding ice as needed (ice maker was working overtime Saturday). Yes, I did see a doctor. I said I guess that means I can’t ride for a couple of days. Imagine my surprise when he said weeks instead of days. Imagine his surprise when I go riding to work tomorrow. How do I know? Because I CAN squeeze the clutch today and my thumb can move the turn signal. I now understand how my brother felt having to be off his bike for several months. Damn! And my span was only three days!

Jeff Allmond

4 May 2020

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