What is the appeal of the yarn shop?

Is it the chance to worship at the altar of self-striping yarn? Mochi? Mini-mochi? Chunky? Bernat? Berrocco?

And it’s not just the LYS, it’s the Michael’s,Hobby Lobby,AC Moore, Jo-ann’s, Wal-Mart. Carodan Farms, Uniquities, Yarn Cloud, Nature’s Yarn, Knitting Sisters, Yarn Explosion.

The feel of soft alpaca. The brilliance of scarlets, magentas, lavenders, golds, and leaf greens. The sensation of skeins of yarn cradled in your arms. The sight of a husband willing to carry balls and skeins of yarn patiently, following me into the store and not saying “you really don’t need any more yarn” but smiling when I am the one who admits it while swooping into a basket of clearance yarn like a vulture spotting a kill.Yeah. There is nothing like a yarn shop.

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