Weekend Ride

My loving bride feels that I become too unbearable to be around if I don’t get enough time on the bike. Being the good husband, I agree with her. So, Friday morning I plot out a couple of sites to visit on the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia and hit the road. I chose to head to Wachapreague, VA to get stamps from the two sites there. Being too far from home to get there and back, I decide to spend the night.

We had called The Wachapreague Inn on Thursday to see if they had any room for Friday night. Not knowing my schedule at that time, I tell Jenny that we will call back on Friday to confirm. Friday morning, MaryJo calls and talks with Amanda. When I get there, Jenny has my room ready. Quaint little place, atmosphere is fantastic! I took a little nap from the long ride and prepare for supper.

The Island House. What can I say? “WOW” and “Fantastic” would be understating this place! Started with Jessica telling me about the daily specials. More than just telling me the specials, she explains the specials in detail! I chose the Scallops Au Gratin. I cannot express how great the food was. Dessert was Creme Brule, which was also fantastic.

More than just outstanding food, the service was the best I have ever had. From Jessica knowing the menu and explaining it, to the whole staff working as a team! Any time a server walked past ANY table, whether it was in their section or someone else’s section, they would take empty plates, refill glasses, and bring food fresh from the kitchen.

Both of these places are sites from the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Virginia 2013. I regret that too many of my fellow riders only stopped in to get their passports stamped. Those that didn’t spend the night or enjoy supper, really missed out on two great places.

Can’t wait to take MaryJo to Wachapreague..

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