Undisclosed Location: Homeside on Huntsville Road

Now, to be clear, there are two Homeside Restaurants in Florence, one on Cloverdale Road (Petersville), the second on Huntsville Road. Don’t get me wrong, both are good, they pretty much have the same menu for all day dining, breakfast, sandwiches, and meat-and-threes, but there’s something just much more appealing about the Huntsville Road location. The staff switches around as needed (I assume), especially on Sundays when there is a waiting line out the door (such as when we tried to go to the Hunstville Road location at noon–don’t do that again). The ladies are friendly and personable, sweet as can be, and the owner is great to talk to. Still: the HR place has got a homey atmosphere and a back room that can accommodate the Thursday MSARC Breakfast Club and Baa Black Sheep members…but that is secondary to the FOOD.

Food? Oh yeah. The brisket sandwich when on special. The quesadilla. The two-egg, bacon, and toast with a side of hash browns. The Philly cheese steak omelet, according to Gary. And the shrimp po’boy sandwich. Which is, just so you know, just as good at breakfast as it is as lunch. And which is generally what I order when I go there to eat. I shocked our server last Thursday when I actually ordered breakfast.

I have had the meat-and-threes…one of the best fried cabbage sides on the face of this earth. I will write about the other location in a separate post…Sunday dinner. Sigh.

And did we mention the price? You can’t go wrong with a breakfast for one that is less that is less than $5, or breakfast for three at less than $20. Sandwiches for two is about $20, and by the way, the meat-and-three comes with dessert (I’ve had the red velvet cake, homemade. Yumm.) Can’t beat that.

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