Uncle Dave’s in Montross

We were on our way to Warsaw, VA, for the District 15 training, and driving down the road on Route 3 (Kings Highway). It’s coming on close to 2:30 pm, and we haven’t eaten since 8 am. Since neither of us had ever been here before, we used our trusty Android GPS to get a lead on a place to eat. I pull up a listing for a bakery/restaurant, but what the phone GPS shows and the road appeared to have were two completely different fish. I’m watching the arrow on the phone move up on the map to where the restaurant is supposed to be on the side of the road, and–well, there was no restaurant on the right side of the road. So we kept on going, and the next thing I knew, we passed this building with a window that announced “burgers and ice cream.” Well, we go up to the next left turn and come around back to the restaurant. It’s called “Uncle Dave’s” and features American/Greek/Italian food. When you walk in, the first thing that catches your eye (or should) is a white board listing the specials of the day. Forget the burger (but the menu is extensive), and go for the specials. I had moussaka with garlic pita bread, and Gary opted for the gyro. Both came with a bowl of soup (the offering that day was chicken with rice and lemon or Maryland crab soup), we both chose the former. Talk about hitting the spot. And the moussaka, while not a towering structure of beef, potatoes, and bechamel sauce, was worth every bite and then some. Gary’s gyro was right up there, as well. Dessert was home-made baklava, and we got talked into having it with a scoop of moose tracks ice cream (Hershey’s). Needless to say, we got an extra square of baklava to go to eat at the hotel in Warsaw.

We will definitely be back.

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