Tour of Honor Wrap-Up

Date Stamp: November 1, 2018.

The Tour of Honor has officially ended for 2018. A few notes have been shared about next years, but the final sites will no be announced until April 1, 2019. Registration for 2019 riders will open on December 1, 2018.

How did I do in 2018?

  • Tour of Honor Memorials: 32
  • Doughboy/Lost Generation Memorials: 12
  • Huey Helicopters: 13
  • K9 Memorials: 2
    Total of 59 sites.
  • States completed: 4

Statistically speaking, I was in the top 10% of all riders. There were a lot that didn’t visit any sites, they missed out!

What did I learn?

  • Planning, planning, planning.
    • Do all the hard stuff on the front end, then enjoy the ride.
  • Review the information on the memorial site.
    • Know which memorial you have to photograph.
    • Description may give information on parking. This may or may not be an issue based on time of day.
  • Take the time to enjoy and reflect on each memorial.
    • Seldom will someone get upset if you are honoring a memorial in a town.
    • Welcome people to tell you stories about the memorials. My best experience was a Huey in North Carolina. A guy with a Vietnam Vet cap pulled up just as I parked. He gave me the history of that particular helicopter starting from the present and going back in time. He ended with he was in the same squadron with this particular helicopter, his memory had faded, but he liked to think that this was his chopper.
    • Always share about the Tour of Honor.
  • With the picture, take notes!
    • Though a picture may tell a 1000 words, but it may not be able to express your feelings.
    • Tell about the ride to this site. Tell about the scenery. Include traffic, parking, pedestrians, road conditions, weather, etc.
    • Since most took pictures with there phone, send the photo before heading off to the next site.

I’ll add more as I think of things and others give me pointers. Let me know if you have additional comments!

Would I do this again? OF COURSE! Not only am I ready for 2019, but I am trying to talk my bride into joining me on her new bike.

Now a question for others: When you register for the next year, do you try to request the same flag number? What if you have a high number, do you try to get a lower number? I know the top 10 get 1-10 the following year, but what about other numbers? I had 506 our of 795. If I had registered a lot earlier, I could have had a much lower number.

I want to thank the Brooks brothers and their wives for the support in starting this adventure. For the many scorers that put up with submissions without photos, pictures of the wrong memorial, lost flags, and general “rookie” questions, THANK YOU!

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