Tour of Honor Ride 2

4 Points! All being Tour of Honor sites, no bonus or additional site points.

We were going through a pretty extensive home renovation. One particular sub-contractor’s work was not up to what I (or most people) would consider quality work. Actually, it was rather sub-par! I won’t go further into the work or the quality. I had expressed my opinion of this particular sub’s work to the primary contractor and that I did not want him in my house again. I was told that he only had a few hours to finish all of his part. I learn he will be at the house at 7:30am, I wasn’t happy!

MaryJo, knowing my opinion of this person, felt it would be in everyone’s best interest that I NOT be home when the workers are in the house. SO, sounds like a good day for a bike ride.

I plot out visits to a Huey helicopter, a Doughboy memorial (WWI soldier), and three Tour of Honor sites in Tennessee. Route starting at 7:30am, and I will be gone until later in the afternoon. Plenty of time for everyone to be done and gone before I get back.

I take off toward Walnut, MS. At the community park, there sits both a tank and a Huey helicopter. I park the bike to make sure the Huey is in the background, fasten the rally flag to the bike, take a quick photo, and off I go to my next stop.

As I start rolling, the phone rings. Seems that my bride is nearing the end of her patience with the same sub-contractor. But, she says she has it under control and for me to enjoy my day.

I pull into Henderson, TN and head to the courthouse. Henderson, TN is the home of Freed-Hardiman University. My grandfather and other family members attended here. I even was offered to attend. ME? I grew up to be a biker, not the type that would have been welcomed there. But, that is a different story. There is a war memorial there. I circle the block to find the best place to park for the obligatory bike and memorial picture. Finding a suitable spot, I park, attach the rally flag, cross the street, take photo, and load up to head to the next site.

Next stop is Jackson, TN, the Hollywood Cemetery. The route from Henderson to Jackson is a quick ride on US 45. Once I got into Jackson, city streets aren’t as good as US45. Streets are narrow and I go through downtown Jackson as well as the older part getting to Hollywood Cemetery. GPS and cemeteries don’t always match up. I rode past the main entrance to a “closer” entrance, only to find that this area doesn’t connect to the main cemetery. Also, is it just me or do GPS not work right in cemeteries? Luckily, the write-up about the marker has the section and lot number. After trying to circle the roads (actually just wider than a walking path, and not maintained), I find a spot to park the bike and I walk. Knowing the alphabet helps, both when laying out a grid as well as searching the grid area. I eventually find the marker! I walk back to the bike and head over to the marker.

The marker is a Doughboy statue on a grave. It isn’t on the road, but close enough that I get a decent picture.

I pack up everything and start to plan out my next stop. It is about noon. The phone rings. Seems that the sub-contractor has pushed MaryJo’s patience beyond her limits. Anyone that knows her knows that it takes a LOT to do that. She is almost in tears, I can hear her voice quiver.

She asks me to head back home, NOW!

I take the quick route back home and plan to visit the other sites in Tennessee another day. But today, I was a super hero and helped my wife save her sanity.

Oh, we did fire that sub-contractor. But he had the audacity to show up later that evening and wanted to finish/re-do the work.

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