Things I’ve learned in Livermore

1. How friendly people in Livermore have been. How peaceful it has been here.

2. There really is such a thing as a nice quiet downtown Main Street.

3. A coconut-pineapple cake can be part of a happy hour bar food menu.

4. How nice dry heat can be versus muggy humidity. Shorts and flip flops are the outfit of choice

5. Not all Little League ball field concession stands are the same, some are just darn better than others.

6. A long day at the ball field (4 games) can be challenging for entertainment, but one can improvise. Nothing wrong with knitting while waiting for the next game.

7. Rereading Nora Roberts books gets better with time. Especially in the open air with a large mango-pineapple flavor Hawaiian ice. And a cushion under the butt on a metal bleacher.

8. Being an umpire’s wife is an adventure in itself.

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