The “original” Homeside Restaurant on Cloverdale Road

Now I call this the “Original” because this is the first location that we discovered, Gary and I, courtesy of Steve and Carolyn Letson. I was shocked at the size of the portions for the plate at the price, for starters. Then I got a first-hand view of what local homestyle dining means here: just like Honaker, VA, where the regulars have their table and gather early, the waitress knows who gets what–and some folks come for breakfast and end up staying for lunch. I watched a group of men “bid” on a box of Dolley Madison baked goods and show off their family collections of pen knives. Not just the ordinary pen knives you get at the store, mind you…we are talking hand-me-downs from father to son a couple of generations back. The kind that you would get disowned for parting with.

But I digress: the breakfast was pretty good, two eggs, bacon, biscuit with gravy or toast (you can’t go wrong with either), hash browns. So we took Evangeline there one morning, and she ordered French toast. She thought she was just getting two slices. Don’t know what math she was using, but I assume she thought one regular slice of bread cut into two for an order. She got six pieces (technically, that’s just three slices of bread). Her eyes got big. She didn’t know if she was going to be able to finish her plate (and she doesn’t eat a lot)…she made it through three, and the rest came home for lunch, dinner, breakfast the next day…LOL.

Sunday lunch a couple of weeks ago: we first tried the Huntsville Road location. Bad move. A group of thirteen was ahead of us, and behind us was another big group. So we got in the car and went to Texas Roadhouse. Just as bad. So we ended up at the Cloverdale Road location.

Meat and threes time. Roast beef and gravy was one of the choices. Creamed potatoes, fried corn, turnip greens, fried cornbread, and for dessert: banana pudding. That hit the spot. Time to go home and take a Sunday nap.

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