The Knee and I


What the …., you say? Well, this is what Dr. T. Klein found in my right knee when he undertook the knee replacement work on November 4. I understand I generated oohs and aahs from the surgical staff, because no one expected to find these. Heck, he cleaned out all the cartilage three years ago with the knee arthroscopy! Anyway, it’s been 12 days since the surgery. Movement is a lot easier know, and the pain doesn’t come as often. Right. Okay, the knee is still swollen, but compared to what it looked like last week (not to mention the row of staples down my knee), yeah, we have come a long way. Made it through the epidural (and was quite chatty when I came out of the anesthesia at 10:15 am)–after finding out on Monday afternoon that the surgery (which was originally at 7:30 am then moved to 11:3o) was moved back up to 7:30 on Tuesday morning. Thank God we had just come back from dropping Blue off at the kennel for boarding

It’s been a lot of tears and meltdowns, and thank God for Gary.