Thanksgiving Travels 2012

Four of the best days ever spent away from home…yes, we ran away from home, and we had a blast!

Leaving DC on Wednesday night, we encountered traffic on Route 17 outside of Fredericksburg, where everyone was trying to hop on to 95 southbound. We passed them all, and ended up having dinner at the Shoney’s in Tappahannock. Boy, do I enjoy eating there. Not just because the food is good, but because the servers are among the friendliest in town. But back to the food. Fried chicken that was warm, but you know it’s damn good chicken because it was good cold (it makes up for the cold fried chix we bought from the Giant deli a week ago and the “hot” chicken tenders from the Burger King drive-through in Annandale–never again, said the Raven). This Shoney’s had the breakfast special on their Wednesday night buffet, and let me tell you, a french toast stick dunked in chocolate pudding can give Don Churro’s a run for the money. Not quite the same, but good close.

Then we arrived in Williamsburg at 10 pm that night. We saved our appetites for the Thanksgiving brunch at the Bourbon Street Bar and Grille attached to the Clarion Hotel. It was okay, but I had hoped they would have gumbo and rice as part of the deal. No dice.

Friday’s was THE trip to Chincoteague–should have known, however, than to stop at the McDonald’s on the way out, we were at Virginia Beach, near the hotel we stayed at when we did the Challenger baseball game a couple of years ago. The server at the counter was–well, no interpersonal skills here, and he was even rude to his manager. However, there was a grand ray of sunshine to follow. At Chincoteague, we were directed by the owner of the Carodan Yarn store to AJ’s on the Creek. Seafood bisque or stew (a cup each) and seafood scampi. BIG scallops, shrimp, and blue crab meat. Freshly baked bread. No room for dessert. Worth every bite and then some. Added bonus was 19 GCs collected during the course of the day.

Saturday was breakfast at the Capital Pancake House a few blocks from the hotel. Corned beef hash/eggs/grits for my buddy, my standard bacon/eggs/hash browns/grits for me. We braved the W’burg Premium Outlet mall to get gloves for Gary and a gift card for Patrick, and a quick trip to L’Occitane en Provence for me. We were still too full to eat at the Mexican place in New Town which we tried last year, so ended up settling for delivery pizza in the room while watching the ‘Bama-Auburn game. Not bad.

Sunday, we got up early to do some more GC’ing, and ended up at the Kilmarnock Inn. Wow. We had originally considered the buffet, but ended up with blue crab benedict for me and blue crab omelet for Gary. Words fail me. These were better than the buffet could have ever been.

Dinner was at the Mexican restaurant in Haymarket, one that we had really driven past every time we were passing through Haymarket or there to get gas or be at a softball game. Very, very good. Don’t know how we could have ignored this. I introduced Gary to the art of putting a small spoonful of black coffee over the flan, which was quite hefty (ergo the coffee). ‘Nuff said.

Now we’re home, it’s 10:15 pm, and I’m waiting for the laundry to finish before going to bed.

More will be coming…and separate entries on the places we visited to follow.

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