Stepping out of the box–Pupuseria Mi Champita

Monday, Columbus Day 2014.

Coming home from after an early morning appointment at Reston Hospital for my pre-op registration and consultation with the anesthesiologist regarding my upcoming knee replacement surgery (another story altogether). Did a couple of caches with the chief, and we were hungry. I was hoping to step at the bread bakery in Herndon (Great Breads?) but no such luck, it was closed. Well, we parked not far from the Pupuseria Mi Champita–and with my partner in crime willing to take a chance, we walked in. My Spanish is pretty limited, but you can’t miss beefsteak with eggs (#4 on the menu), so we got two of those and fresh brewed (at least it appeared to be) Folgers. Not bad. The beef was flavorful and tender, eggs were sunny-side up, and the pupusas fresh off the grill. Inexpensive breakfast for two, and worth the stop.

Right next door is a Salvadoran bakery/general store, and you need a guide to tell you what’s what in the pastry section, but it’s worth a stop. The elephant’s ears (or palmiers) were good, and there’s a version using the dough and rolling it up in a thin strip with pineapple jam filling. Not bad, let me tell you. That was good with more coffee once we got home.

Next time I go back, I’m making sure I have gotten a guide to Latin American pastries with me. I’m going to try every single one of them.

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