Stanley’s Store in Ashland

Can you say lump meat crabcake sandwiches to die for?

This place has just knocked off all other sandwiches on my list–simplicity in itself. Lump chunks of fresh crab meat, no filler. A warm bun. And the best killer sweet-potato fries. Oh, and don’t forget the coconut cake. And the deviled eggs with bacon.

We went back the next day and had the Stanley burgers, shared an order of SPF between us. Took home a blondie and a macaroon. Worth the trip.

And to think we almost didn’t stop. We were on our way to Gloucester for the weekend, and we were merrily on our way down the road, looking for a place to stop and eat, and we’d already whizzed by on scooter. What caught my attention was the sign boasting hand-dipped ice cream; what caught Gary’s was the homemade specials every day. Well, we found a place where we could do a legal u-turn and made our way back, past the county sheriff on the side of the road parked near the corn-field, and there we were.

Serendipity Riders have struck again!

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