No Particular Place to Go

Today’s trip was a return to somewhat good weather riding. I have spent the last couple of months watching the weather in hopes of riding into work or being able to just go for a weekend day ride without the possibility of being drenched in the afternoon. I do know that weather forecasting is totally a best guess dart throw at a moving target. I also know that in coastal regions it rains in the afternoons with some regularity. So, I’ve relied on the “forecast” to guide whether or not I would ride. All week two weeks ago “they” said it would rain at the same time I would be leaving work, so I was cautious and did not ride. Wouldn’t you know, IT DID NOT RAIN! So, I figured that since Friday was showing the same thing, I’d ride. Besides, if it did rain, I had my rain gear on hand. The clouds did not look that heavy leaving work and I can handle a sprinkle so there’s that. Things were going well until I rounded the curve at the ranges and ran smack into a solid wall of water. So much for a sprinkle. Didn’t matter about stopping to put the gear on; a few feet or a few miles, wet is wet. I was soaked within a few hundred feet and the rain quit after about five miles. Anyway, back to today…

I was told of a memorial in McRae, Georgia that I wanted to scope out. It was a great ride along county roads. I still had some ominous looking clouds, but nothing like that Friday. It’d clear up and then there’d be other clouds. Luckily the threat of rain did not produce any and I had a rain-free ride today. I’m glad I didn’t have to double back because of a missed turn or have any hard stops. Not only do I not like getting wet while riding, I don’t like skidding when having to brake suddenly. Again, luckily, I did not find myself in one of those situations. In McRae I found a monument to a Marine Medal of Honor recipient.

Monument at McRae, Georgia

Since I didn’t get breakfast before I left this morning, I decided to stop on the next leg towards Baxley for an early lunch. I passed it by then thought about what Gary said about the non-chain mom-n-pop places. Besides, it’s BBQ.I did a U-turn and stopped for a BBQ sandwich and baked(?) beans. The sandwich was definitely a two-hander until you got it whittled down to something more manageable. Sandwich was great, but the beans were… meh. Don’t think I’d do them again. Tasted like they came right out of a Van Camps can. All in all, it was a good meal for eight bucks. The place is basically a storage shed with picnic tables around a tree. Nice place to stop and stretch your legs. As you can see the weather was overcast with areas of blue sky peeking through.

A decent early lunch…
… from a shed in Graham, Georgia
Plenty of room for parking

Overall, I had a great morning ride. Leisurely, with no particular place to go.

Jeff Allmond

21 August 2020

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