Newbern’s Restaurant

Been a while since either of us have posted here. Guess I will take the time to try and get us back in the habit…

First, we are in the process of moving from Northern Virginia to Alabama. We have family in both places, but Alabama is more conducive to retirement. Enough for that for now, more on that later.

This post is about Newbern’s Restaurant. Quaint little place on the east side of Florence, Alabama, on Florence Blvd (US72). We have passed it several times each trip and always thought about stopping in. Today, dad came to town and we wanted to try a new place for lunch. As you know, we aren’t one’s for the restaurant chains. We would much rather find a local place.

Specialty is fish, catfish to be specific. Pond fed catfish comes either full fish or fillet platter, small (1 piece), medium (2 pieces), or large (3 pieces). Hush puppies and slaw comes with it, as well as your option of onion ring, fries, or baked potato.

I had a medium fillet platter, two HUGE pieces of catfish fillets. Best catfish I have had in a long time. Hard to eat it all, MaryJo said I could save some for supper tonight. Not me, I wasn’t going to be a quitter! I ate is all (ok, I did put half of one filler on her plate so she could take it home). It wasn’t greasy, lightly battered, very flaky, and tasted wonderful.

MaryJo had the Seafood platter which was one piece of catfish and shrimp. First thought when it showed up was the the shrimp had a thick coating of batter. WRONG! These were jumbo shrimp with a light batter. I tried one that she brought home for supper and it was great.

Then came the chocolate pie. Another huge serving! We each got a piece of pie. Mine didn’t make it home, about half of MaryJo’s did come home.

Service was friendly and very responsive.

Price? 5 of us had more than enough to eat, three pieces of pie, and tea/cokes. $70 plus tip. Worth it? You bet!

Next trip we will check the next section on the menu. Or maybe we will just stick with the fish.

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