My Family (Past, Present, and Future)

We all have family, whether we know them or not. Luckily, I know a LOT of my family. My dad was the youngest of 6, mom the oldest of 3. Both sides of the family had someone that kept track of their fore-bearers.

I have SO many cousins. Some I know well, others I only know them by name and wouldn’t be able to recognize them if they were standing next to me. Many of them are grandparents. I don’t know their children, much less their grand-children.

Some background. in the 1970’s, my Aunt Sarah published a book, “Genalogy of Richard Hargis”. She was my fraternal grand-mother’s sister. Richard Hargis was born in 1742, died in 1800. The book lists his progeny. Shortly after the book was published, she passed away. To my knowledge, no one has updated the records in the book.

I was given a box of notes from my Aunt Nola. She was my fraternal grand-father’s sister. She had traced the Allmond family back several generations. Fun part of her research is the change in spelling of the family name. Sometimes Allmond, sometimes Almond, sometimes Allmon, and even Allman. I have seen all variants today.

I am now retired. Yes, I have other things that I do to keep myself busy, but this work needs to be continued. I can incorporate this research into my other hobbies. If I need to travel somewhere, guess I can take the bike.

Let me set out my goals for this “project”. I hope to start a database (sorry, I know there are other services that will allow me to store data there for free, but they charge for others to look at the data), this data will be available to my family. As you look over the data, unless it was data that you provided to me and that YOU had performed all the research to find, please do not EVERY claim to be the source! I find that unethical.

In the database, I will get names, dates, places, etc. For graves, I hope to get the GPS location. There is a great site that lists graves, but it only lists the cemetery name and address. If it is a large cemetery, it could take a while to find a grave. (NOTE: I recently tried to find a grave. I had the cemetery name and address, even had a picture of the grave stone. After several hours, we gave up and said we will go back another time. If I find a grave, I want others to be able to find it too.)

BUT, in addition to the hard facts, I want personal experiences. Stories about our parents, grand-parents, and even great-grand-parents. Yes, if you share your experience, I will list who sent it to me, unless you want to keep it anonymous.

I am looking for input from others. Please share. If you have suggestions on making this better, great! I want this to be useful.

Lastly, I know I am recreating the wheel in a way. But I hope to make a better wheel.