Morning Coffee and extras….where to go?

Starbucks on Stone Road, yes.
Starbucks on Lee Highway near FFx County Parkway, yes.
Starbucks at 28/29, no.
Panera at Baileys’ Crossroads, no.
Panera in Fairfax near Paul VI HS, yes.
Panera in South Riding, yes.
Dunkin Donuts on 29 in Centreville, no.

Yes usually means there’s not a long line and the coffee is fresh.
No–well, you can pretty much figure that out.

Ellipse Cafe in DC…yes.
Starbucks on Penn Ave…straddling the fence on this one.
Cosi on 17th and Penn…ask the raven. Nevermore, nevermore.
Caribou Coffee at 17th and Penn. Once was enough, thank you.

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