Lunch and new adventures in Alabama

My bride goes to the knitting club on Wednesday. Not having much else to do, I go sit in the library and read. Afterwards, we run errands and, of course, have lunch somewhere.

Today, we picked Homestyle Restaurant. When we first moved here, I heard about a BBQ place and wanted to visit, but, alas, it was closed. So, recently, Homestyle Restaurant moved in. This isn’t the first of the Homestyle Restaurant’s in the area, we have eaten at another location off Cloverdale.

My bride had the Shrimp Po Boy. One of the shrimp’s tried to run off, but she managed to grab it before it could escape. She was just agog about it. She had tater tots with it.

As for me, I tried their Brisket Sandwich with Onion Rings. Think a huge BLT on a hoagie roll, but with thick slabs of brisket! I didn’t know where to start, but was so sad when it was finished. Onion rings were fresh. You can tell the difference between the restaurant supplied bags/boxes of just heat and the one’s made fresh. Onions were still crispy, yet fried to perfection.

We were stuffed, and these were just sandwiches. But, the waitress asked about dessert and magically we had room for that! My bride loves Coconut cream pie, so that was a no-brainer. Too many places only put coconut on the topping and a bit of flavoring in the custard. Like a few other small places here, there was coconut shreds in the custard. Taste was delectable! I had the chocolate pie, crust was lightly toasted so it wasn’t soggy from the filling and the meringue was just right.

So, we were off to finish a few other errands. She runs into one store and I sit outside. As I am waiting, I hear sirens. I look around and see a motorcycle police officer stopping at the light. He gets off the bike, stands at attention as two other bikes past, then a funeral processional. Once it passes, he gets back on his bike and off he goes to take his turn at another intersection. While he was standing there, ALL traffic stopped, even those that could have turned right and not interfere with the processional. They all stopped, and waited patiently. Everyone showing respect.

The reason I bring this up is that this wasn’t the norm where I was in Northern Virginia. Even here in the south, a police escorted convoy is NOT messed with. This reminds me of a charity run several years ago. We had a police escort, who blocked intersections for us to pass through. Some cars didn’t care, they would drive around the police, merge in with the bikes (a few just turned in, no merge at all), then went to weaving in and out of the bikes until they got to their turn. What happened to showing a little respect? Glad that there still is some here.

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