Little Mexico Grill on 43 in Greenhill….

One thing I will always remember about Little Mexico Grill is that this was the destination on my first motorcycle ride in nearly three years (six months pre- and the two years post-knee replacement surgery). The second thing I will remember is the good food (not to mention the six-page menu): this is another one of those places where you get bang for the buck in terms of portions and flavor. No ambiance or decor, just plain tables and chairs, a couple of flat screen televisions on the wall, but good food. And I mean good. Portions are more than expected. See?

Gary had the burrito fundido and I had the pollo chori (chicken with chorizo)…and you have to eat slowly to enjoy the food, the flavors (and we couldn’t carry out our leftovers because we were on the bike). No liquor license yet, but you can get Coke, sweet tea, the standard. And dessert? My friend, if you have never had a churro, you need to eat one here. Worth coming back for. Anytime.

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