2020 Tour of Honor – Last Minute Day Ride to Georgia

This was a last minute trip. Some friends wants to go for a ride and asked if anyone wanted to join. Being cooped up, I accepted the offer, not sure where they were going. As we left on the ride, they mentioned where we were going for lunch, a fish place north of Anniston, AL (Top O’ the River, you HAVE to try it if you are in the area). I made a quick check of the map and saw that Tallapoosa wasn’t THAT far out of the way, only about 40-50 miles.

Over lunch, I asked if they minded if we made a “quick ride” over into Georgia. I admitted that if they declined, I might go alone, but thought they might like to see what I focus my riding on between April 1 and October 31. They accepted, but wanted to make a stop at the Harbor Freight next to the restaurant. 

I had to share this part of the story, because if goes back to meeting people. Mark ran into Harbor Freight, Audrey (his girlfriend) and I sat outside. As we waiting, a gentleman on a Versys rides up and parks next to us. We all chatted for a minute.

He was a few years older and asked where we were headed. I explained about the Tour of Honor, the various sites, doughboys, K-9’s, and the Hueys. At the Hueys, his eyes lit up. He was in Vietnam, Special Forces with heavy artillery, several times from 1969 through 1974. He explained that he loved Hueys. He said that the only reason he was still alive was because of Heuys. “They got me out of more trouble than I could get into!” I left a poker chip and card in his helmet when headed into Harbor Freight himself. 

Mark came out and off we went. Once we got to the park, I parked my bike under the Huey while Audrey and Mark explored the park. Audrey got a few videos and lots of pictures and videos. I focused on the pictures for Tour of Honor. There must be a shooting range on the other side of the lake, or they have  problems with trespassers. A lot of gun fire off and on while we were there. When the gun fire silenced, the area so eerily quiet, yet very peaceful. Audrey had remembered my stories of some of the Hueys having plaques with history and asked if this one did too. We looked but didn’t find anything. But we did find one about the F-105 which is the Tour of Honor site in the park.

As I have said before, I am an introvert and don’t like to talk with or meet new people. The Tour of Honor is different.