Kabob Tavern

It is with mixed emotions that I write this review.

We were out and about in Vienna last night after work. Waiting for the light to change at Nutley and Rt123, MaryJo asks if I am hungry now or if I want to wait until we get home. With it being about 7:30, I was hungry. We both spot this little place in the strip mall next to us. Almost as if an omen, the car in front pulls forward just enough that I can pull into the lot.

We look over the menu in the window and decide to go in. We order hummus and a pair of Gyro platters. I have had some good gyros, and some bad ones, in the past. I never prejudge how it will come out. The hummus and pita bread came out and it was great. This was a sign of things to come (MJ’s comments follow from here…)

One of the best gyros we have had the pleasure of eating. Wow. For a one-man operation, this was excellent. The meat was tender, the sauce just the right consistency, not watery like other sauces when you combine cucumbers and yoghurt together. And the salad? The home-made dressing, which was the chef’s secret recipe, was fantastic. Definitely worth a return trip.

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