Hello world!

Well, we have decided to put up a little area on the web for us to list our memorable rides, places we have eaten, and books that we have read (ok, books that SHE has read).

Notice, I said memorable, not necessarily favorite. Some places are NOT our favorite, but are places will will never forget. Don’t get it yet? Let’s see, our ride through Charleston, WV in the pouring rain, memorable, but NOT a favorite. Make sense?

So, we will be entering our thoughts and memories as we go on.

One last thing, these opinions are ours, no one elses. And, the places have not paid us any fees, given us any discounts, or in any way have they tried to influence us. If any decide to help fund our journey, it will be graciously accepted, but we will let you know.

Hope you enjoy.
MaryJo and Gary

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