Foodie mysteries and other books….

Nothing like a good mystery and a cup of tea on a cold Sunday afternoon. Where to start? Laura Childs’ tea shoppe mysteries? Or her latest Cackleberry Club, which I just picked up this week? Or do I round up all the Joanna Carl chocolate-themed books? Nancy Fairchild, Joanne Fluke? So many books, so little time.

I could also read some other books, the mysteries by Robert van Gulik or Dorothy Cannell. Or go 180 and pick up any sequels to Jane Austen’s P&P. Hm.

I could also finally finish the last in the Friday Night Knitting books and pick up the standalone “Comfort Food.” I also have a trio of James Villas’ books, not to mention the Harry Potter series, which keep staring me in the face whenever I go down to the basement.

I finished the last of Nora Roberts’ Boonsboro trilogy, read it in one day. I started on the metro on the commute in, kept going while waiting in Gary’s office before heading off to my own office, lunch-time reading, and then finishing up on the commute home. Wonderful Nora, as always. I just can’t quite get into reading her JD Robb books as fast.

Have five boxes to donate, and when I pass off those books, I need to go through the ones in the storage unit. Oh dear. Some have been read and re-read, like all the Nora Roberts. Amanda Quick. My head is spinning….

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