Foodie books

What is the fascination with foodie books? Is it the fact that I can dine vicariously through someone’s written word and thoughts? Or is it the fact that I am inspired to want to try something different, to explore a culinary world outside my own box? Or is it because I envy someone’s ability to express their feelings and memories through food exploration?

I started reading cookbooks at an early age (yes, just as I used to read the Encyclopedia Brittanica, but that’s another story altogether), and somehow I enjoyed the instructions portion more than the ingredient list. Then I progressed to the Provence and Tuscany books, fascinated with the fact that someone would leave their native home to go to a foreign country to explore a new life and a new cuisine. I discovered the Best Food Writing annual series, the Time Life Foods of the World books, and it’s been downhill ever since.

Even foodie fiction is not safe from my voracious feeding. Mysteries with a foodie tie (Laura Childs’ Tea Shop and the Cackleberry Club mysteries, Joanne Fluke’s bakery series). And there is more…..

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