Explanation of Geocaching

Several of our friends ask what is this “geocaching” thing. Well, it is hard to explain without actually taking you out, but I will try.

The simple geocache is a container which contains a logbook that is hidden somewhere. Only clues you have are the GPS coordinates. You find these on the Geocaching web site and also post your progress there.

Seems simple, right? Some are, but not all. There may be a puzzle involved that has the coordinates encrypted. The container may be a hollowed out log with the logbook inside. Or it may require to to visit multiple locations to get to the final container. Some containers may be VERY small, others may be as big as a 5 gallon container. Some may hold just the logbook, other may hold trinkets for trading.

Why do we like Geocaching? First, I love being outside. Many of the hides require a hike or at least going into the woods. Second, I love the creativity that my fellow cachers use when creating their geocache, whether it be the puzzle, the location, the container, or a combination of all three! Third, this really requires you to “think outside the box” to solve some. The titles sometime lead to a play on words or can be a hint to the actual hide. Some of the caches have historical information or may lead to out of the way places.

There is so much more to this. The best way for you to learn more is to actually get you a GPS unit, go to www.geocaching.com, create an account, and give it a whirl.

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