Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys at Hylton Performing Arts…

And to think we almost didn’t go. After a long day of cleaning the house (me) and washing the cars and Scooter (Gary), laundry, cooking lunch–we finished all our chores at 2, quick showers…we stopped by the library so I could drop off the books that were due (and to sneak a quick peek at the Centreville Library Book Sale–I walked out with only TWO books from the sale), we went off to the Hylton Performing Arts Center and picked up two tickets for the Dr. Ralph Stanley concert. Since we still had two hours to kill (and we didn’t eat either breakfast or the lunch I had cooked), we decided to eat dinner (City Grille in Manassas–but that’s another post).

Showed up at the performing arts center at 7–and the concert was an experience. We had seats at the top level of the center, front row. And it was fantastic. Music was incredible. Listened with my eyes closed for a couple of the numbers, and spent the rest of the time watching Nathan Stanley play the guitar. I need to start playing again. I’ve let my playing slide (no pun intended) for so long.

A good day, Tater.

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