Coffee off the Natchez Trace in Collinwood, TN–Dragonfly

Leaving ‘bama to go back to DC, so we decided to chase down a cache off the Trace which we didn’t get last year. Went to the Trace Visitor Center in Collinwood, and a sign caught my eye. Dragonfly. Hm. Well, since we were both in need (search?) of a cup of joe, and it was cold, why not check this out. Wow. Not only can you get coffee (in our case, large cups of mocha and a brownie made with Ghirardelli chocolate), but you can also pick up local artisan crafts (knit scarves, women’s tops and jewelry), but you can also get girly nail polishes and antiques! First time I have ever seen a blue carnival glass pitcher–my family has the standard carnival glass trays and pitcher. The owner of the Dragonfly gave us a little history into how he ended in this spot four years ago. Worth a second trip, and a third…a great way to start the day!

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