CMA’s Catfish Lunch Ride

Today is the monthly chapter meeting. We haven’t met since February. We had an Officers’ meeting in March and last week, but no chapter meeting. And Homeside was finally open again too!

Not many topics for the chapter meeting, and only 7 people were there, myself included. The socializing with friends has been needed. We maintained our social distancing, but we still got to be together. Jeanine had to get back home since she had already did a little riding before the meeting. Jeremy and Tabitha had to get home to meet someone. That left Daphne, Tanya, Keith, and myself.

Daphne enrolled in the Tour of Honor this year and she has installed the app on her phone. But she isn’t sure how it works. I explain that we will visit two bonus sites today to help her get started and I will explain how things work. We head over to Florence’s Veterans Park for the Cobra that I visited a few weeks ago. I take Daphne’s picture with the bike and the Cobra. I explain that the app will take the picture, name it in the proper format, put the correct subject in the e-mail, and load your e-mail app.

We head back to Cox Creek, then turn onto Chisholm Road. We follow Chisholm Road into Tennessee and make the left just as we get to Collinwood. TN203 is one of my favorite roads. We pass through Lutts and enjoy some light twisties. We soon get to Turkey Creek and Sutton Hollow Rd, I wave at the old “homestead.” We ride past Burnt Church where Papa Neill’s store once stood. I wave as I pass Neill Cemetery Road.

We ride into Savannah on Pinhook Road, then merge onto Florence Road which changes to Main Street as we go through downtown. Even for a Saturday, not much traffic. We cross the Tennessee River and head to Crump. Once we get to Crump, I move to the left lane and lead the group into the parking lot at City Hall/Police Station so Daphne can get a picture of the Cobra in this parking lot.

We pull back onto US64 and make the left onto TN22. In less than 10 minutes, we make the turn to Hagy’s Hotel. Though the name claims to be a Hotel, it is a restaurant. Food was great, I can’t eat everything, so I take some left-overs home for my bride to enjoy.

After lunch, we head back home. Daphne drops off as we get to Tuscumbia, Keith and Tanya drop off as we get to Woodmont Road. I head on home and am met with the garage door opening.

About 150 miles, two meals, and great time with friends.

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