Christmas in January

I wanted to get into the habit of posting at least every few days, and something actually worthwhile to post. Not just “I’ve been doing such and such or going here and there”, but something worth reading, and writing about.

I have been a bourbon guy, with a few “non-bourbon” whiskeys in my stock too. Never really gotten into Scotch. I just preferred the taste of bourbon. As I have posted in the past, I have been reading various books by Neil Peart. He always comments on enjoying a glass of Macallan after a long day of riding or touring. He even carries a flask with him. So, I started looking for a place around here that had it.

I was visiting Memphis and stopped into a package store. Guess what they had? Yep, The Macallan. And several versions. I decided this was a sign that I needed to get me a bottle. A bottle of The Macallan 12 Year Double Cask is now in my stock. At least about 2/3 of the bottle is still in my stock.

I got a couple of glasses to go with it. Using them had a minor problem. Hard to explain, but they were difficult to use for sipping. You had to tilt the glass so far back that you might as well have just drank it in one shot. They are nice glasses, but had a minor flaw in my opinion.

So, the other day a box showed up on my door step. It was from a company called “Norlan.” I have never heard of them, hadn’t ordered anything from them, but it had my name on the box. I open the box and well packed was a tube. The tube had a bit more information and explained the purpose of the contents, a pair of Whisky Glasses. Examining through the box and the packing slip, I found it was ordered by my brother. Not sure if it was intended to be a Christmas present, but it was welcomed as one!

Let me start by trying to give a technical evaluation of the glasses. The tube had two glasses, very well packaged, with their own polishing cloth. (I have never purchased any drinking glasses that came with a polishing cloth. I guess I have to start being more selective when purchasing glassware.) The glasses are a made of blown glass with an acrylic insert. It is done with such precision that you cannot see any seams where the glass and acrylic transition. The glass has an air cavity between the inner shell and the outer shell. This is to prevent sweating on hot days with a cool drink. These aren’t large glasses, but the proper size to pour a before dinner drink. The inner shell has straight edges with a curved bottom. This design allows for the aroma of the drink to be enjoyed by funneling the scent toward the nose.

Upon my first experience with the glass, I noticed that they had solved that problem of my previous glasses when it came to wanting to take a sip. The glass was perfect! I put an ice cube in it to just test for sweating, which there was not any.

The glass was the perfect companion for a before dinner serving of Macallan.This glass isn’t for mixing, well, maybe a whiskey sour. Works best when your drink is over ice. These are Norlan Whisky Glasses. Since Scotch is a Whisky (Bourbon is a Whiskey), maybe this was meant to be used exclusively with my new drink of choice.

Though the information on the glass said it was dishwasher safe, it did mention that it was best to hand wash. And, of course, you will need to use its polishing cloth to make sure it is sparkling clean.

To my baby brother, you, like my bride, treat me better than I deserve. I love you both!

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