Changing Tastes…2020 Update

The last couple of years before retirement, I noticed that I backed off on wearing makeup and using perfume. When retirement hit, the only times I put on war paint and sprayed on scent were Sunday mornings or going out somewhere.

Moving to Florence 4 years ago triggered something. While I had gotten comfortable with sweatshirts and jeans, and the natural look, such was not always the case down South. I would run into Wendy’s for a quick carry-out, and would stand in awe at what women wore. Holy mackerel, the little old ladies were dressed to the nines and the 4-year-olds had big-ass bows in their hair. Then as I started to explore my new surroundings, I was astounded at the number of dress and jewelry boutiques, hair and nail salons (all usually within feet of each other) that I started counting. Yes, there are still the ladies who wear the ‘bama or Auburn t-shirts and jeans, but the toes were pedicured in those flip-flops.

Sigh. My DC clothes didn’t transplant well: solemn one-color dresses and uppity tops and skirts. I had to buy new COLORFUL and PRINTED clothes. So not me, but I gotta admit, I liked them. Cotton tops made in India with the wide sleeves, kimonos, tie-dye colors (but I do draw the line at the hippie prints), a couple of sun-dresses. I even bought boots and leggings to tuck into said boots. Good grief.

Then the hair color changed, going more burgundy/violet and auburn alternatively. A bi-weekly mani/pedi was the order of the day. My new haunts were SideLines and Marigails, and Lucky Finds and Cloth & Stone (besides Belks and Dillards if I chose to brave the mall). I discovered new perfumes and jewelry (yarn and books have major competition here), and boy, was it fun to dress up again.

Until Covid19 hit. With everything closed but curbside and online shopping available, there just isn’t as much of a desire to do the grown-up thing, so to speak. So it’s back to T-shirts and comfortable pants, home-induced hair coloring and letting the mani/pedi go to pot until I get back into Shantayla’s shop. I need to rethink this. Getting lazy is not an option.

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