Burgers and concrete…

Yes, you read right. Steakburgers and frozen custard treats called concretes. Freddy’s on Lee Highway is worth a stop for sure. This Kansas-based chain took over the old KFC building near the Outback Steakhouse, and we decided to stop there for dinner last night.

Yes, it’s definitely family-friendly, but the line moves. You give your order, you get your number, and you find a spot to sit and wait. And the food is worth it. We got the original Freddy’s double burger–two nicely cooked flattened steak burgers on a bun, with your choice of condiments. The fries are thin and crisp, and there’s something called “Freddy’s sauce” which you can have on your burgers or you can have in a small paper cup for dipping the fries.

And the concrete. If you haven’t had frozen custard in or from St. Louis, you are in for a treat. I had the chocolate concrete with hot chocolate sauce (not realizing that Gary snuck in a brownie). Yum. Yum. More yum.

Time for a nap.

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