Bread and Butter…in Henderson

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If you ever are in Las Vegas and are in need of a great breakfast fix, go out to Henderson and check this place out.

The smoked salmon bagel plate is better than anything you could ever get anywhere else, and for the price, I got a big heap of salmon, scrambled eggs, sliced red onion, capers, tomato slices, cream cheese–and oh, yeah, a toasted fresh (and I mean fresh) huge bagel.

We had to throw in the cronut–the vanilla custard filling. The only difference between the one today and the ones Gary and I had two days before was that the smaller ones had one less layer. The regular size ones have two layers of incredible filling, but there is nothing like a fresh-made cronut.

And the other pastries…they are really huge. Worth the trip. Just look at the pictures. And you thought we were kidding.

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