Another Weekend Ride

Well, it seems that I am still hard to get along with. So, my bride sent me off again. This time, I headed to Wythevlle, Bristol, and Danville.

I was on my second day of riding and was trying to find a quaint place to stop. Everything seemed to be on the other side of the road and I didn’t see them until I had passed. REALLY getting hungry as I passed through Danville. Saw this little place called Heart Line. Looked like a nice little diner. Parking lot was pretty full, but I never pass up a chance to stop at a diner.

I sat at the counter and watched the chefs do their magic. I never looked at the menu, I asked for “one of those”. Cheeseburger was HUGE! I asked for one patty instead of the two like the one I saw. Pretty good burger.

However, I am here to share the news about the Chocolate Chess Pie. I remember Ms Grace stopping by my grandmother’s house when I came home for the weekend from college to bring me a pie. I LOVED her chess pies, as did my roommates. Word got around about Ms Grace’s pies that the others in the dorms even encouraged me to leave earlier to get home to my grandmother’s, in hopes that the sooner I got to her house, the sooner I would be back!

Fast forward xx years. I see Choc Chess on the board. I listen and hear that EVERYTHING is made in the diner. The dinners, cakes, and even the pies. Not from a local baker, but Debra makes them herself. So, I decide to order one.

Orgasmic is the best way to describe it. I savored every bite, hoping the the pie would regenerate itself and I could keep eating it. Light syrupy body, hard crust to compliment the body, all in a homemade pie crust. FANTASTIC!

I think I have been having too much fun on these trips. I think that MaryJo will soon be back on the back of the bike for these little trips. She has been missing out, time to make up for it!

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