A scent by any other name…

Perfume. I love perfume. But like the books I read, I have also realized my taste in perfumes has also evolved over the years. At least I wasn’t a Giorgio of Beverly Hills or Poison fan, but I did like Paloma Picasso and Halston.

I am finding that I like the old-fashioned scents. The classics, if you will. None of the perfumes coming out today have really caught my fancy (like Flower Bomb), but I will confess to collecting miniatures and samples of these new ones because I collect them. But to use?

Well, that fell by the wayside…not sure when I eased off on wearing perfumes, maybe about 2014. Before the knee surgery. But for years before that…oh, baby, I wore perfumes like they were going out of style. There was a phase where I had a different scent for each season, then it was for each week, sometimes even for each day. I also ignored the rules about wearing certain perfumes for the season, you know, the one that said Oriental/ambery scents were for the fall/winter, citrusy ones for the summer, and light flowery ones for spring. I remember wearing Halston year-round, particularly when the boucle batwing turtlenecks were in vogue. Bill Blass’s Black came a close second. Then Parfum Sacre by Caron and Volcan d’Amour by Diane von Furstenberg came along, and those were the wardrobe mainstays.

But then I discovered the obscure (Claude Gallien’s Peony and Iris, from the Vermont Country Store catalog, of all places) and Yardley’s April Violets…the latter started the Great Violet Perfume Hunt. Violetta di Parma by Borsari was the top of the list, followed by Marc Jacobs’ Violet (splash) and Molinard’s Violette. Oh, and by the way, no one makes violet-scented soaps better than the Italians. But I am upset Tocca discontinued their Violette.

And there were the classic houses: Caron, Robert Piquet, Carven, Rochas, Dior. Even though some of them have issued new fragrances, I still love the old ones from the 30’s-70’s. Even Revlon–I was a Jontue girl (with Enjoli thrown in for good measure).

And the single-flower themed collections (Gallien, Yardley, Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea set, Molinard, among them). I even had an Yves Rocher phase–Magnolia and Pivoine.

Escada (who issues a minis collection around Christmas, and retires a scent at the same time) and Tocca’s line (even though, as mentioned, they stopped Violette)–these are fun to collect, and they DO smell good.

The chase is on….

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