2021 Tour of Honor – Hunstville Sunday Ride

April 18

After breakfast, I got ready for a ride. The idea is to ride to Huntsville and Trussville, knocking out two Tour of Honor sites in Alabama.

It being Sunday morning, not a lot of traffic on US72 nor in Huntsville. I followed the GPS directions and parked to head to the Gold Star Memorial in Huntsville. I walked around the park without any luck. In the Tour of Honor app, this site didn’t even have a sample photo since it was recently dedicated and no one had submitted a picture. I eventually gave up and decided to head to the Tour of Honor site.

From the photos on Google maps, there should be parking in front of the memorial. I turned onto the street of the memorial and was able to park right in front. I had to stand in the middle turn lane to be back far enough to get a picture of the bike, the memorial, and the Doughboys in one picture!

I saw the path behind the memorial and decided to take a quick stroll in the park. I found the Gold Star Family Memorial right behind the Tour of Honor memorial. I got the GPS coordinates and the picture for the Gold Star Family Memorial.

My next stop was to be Trussville. This would have given me two Tour of Honor sites in Alabama. I started south on US231, but decided to head home. My route home took me through Princeville. I was able to get a picture of the Huey and the Gold Star Mother memorial there. I took a break in the Mexican restaurant next door, I will have to give it a try for a meal one another trip.

I made a stop at the Cobra in Florence’s Veteran’s Park. While there, I spotted a potential 9-11 memorial. I took some pictures and sent it to Eric for his approval.

Once home, Eric sent a note that the submissions didn’t have the pictures attached. I took additional pictures and hit the submit button. The pictures were attached to the email, so I deleted the unneeded picture and everything went well.

Eric sent me a note that I had been the first person to submit the Gold Star Memorial in Huntsville. There was not a sample photo, and he wasn’t sure about the exact GPS coordinates. I sent Eric the GPS location. It would be neat if they used my photo for that location.

I got a note from Eric a few days later that the 9/11 Memorial in Florence has been accepted! And my picture is the sample photo in the app.

Final statistics for this ride was one Tour of Honor site, two Hueys/Cobras, two Gold Star Family Memorials, and a new 9/11 Memorial.