2020 Tour of Honor – Still Waiting

April 12, 2020

Yep, still waiting. We are now at 42 states with state-wide “stay at home” orders, 3 states with less than a state-wide order, and the remaining 5 states have not “officially” made a statement.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Yesterday, I told my bride that I had to go for a ride. Calmly, she said “OK.” I kissed her, got on my gear, rolled the bike out, entered the coordinates for Priceville’s Tour of Honor Memorial. This would give me a couple of hours to ride and mostly on divided four lane roads, while still being close enough to home int he event of an emergency. I plugged in the Bluetooth headset, wouldn’t come on. I just unplugged it and took off.

I wasn’t paying much attention, and thought that I must have put in something other than Priceville into the GPS since the GPS kept wanting me to head southwest. I thought Priceville was just east of Decatur, which is southeast of me. I turned west onto Hwy72 and was getting close to Mark’s house. I decided to make the turn there and stop in to check on him.

He wasn’t home, but after a couple of texts back and forth, he would be right home. I checked the coordinates for Priceville and re-entered them into the GPS. NOW it is telling me to head east. I visit with Mark for a bit, and we talk about a trip we need to take this summer once we are all off House Arrest due to COVID19. He made a carpenter bee trap for me while we talked. I loaded it into the tank bag (I had taken off the saddle bags for this day trip) and I was on my way.

My trip to Priceville was uneventful. I am not a fan of the traffic in Decatur, but there wan’t too much traffic out. I came upon the memorial quicker than expected, but made the turn without any panic stunts. The parking lot as blocked off so I rode through the lot across the street. This will be a quick and easy stop when the time comes, and there is even a Huey in the park as an added benefit.

As I was leaving, an error message popped up on the console. The air pressure in the rear tire was low. I tried a few gas stations, but $1.50 for a burst of air is a bit expensive. I rode easily back into Decatur and stopped at a tire store. They willingly gas me a quick burst of air for the rear, and checked the front tire too.

I was 55 miles from home, gas range said I have 65 miles to empty. Not a problem, I will fill up next to the house. Once I left Decatur, the speed limit rises to 65mph, and I set the cruise on about 72mph. I watch the range get closer to the distance home. As I turn onto Wilson Dam Road, I have 10 miles to home and 10 miles to empty. I decide to not push the limit and pull into the gas station in Muscle Shoals that I use. I have 5 miles to home. I have a 5.3 gallon gas tank. I put in just a hair over 5 gallons. I could have made it!

As I pull into the driveway, I tap the horn. Before I can shut off the engine to open the doors myself, my bride opens the doors. I pull into the garage and park the bike.

Though it wasn’t “really” a Tour of Honor ride since no points can be earned during the lock-down, I did ride to a Tour of Honor site. So that is close enough.