2020 Tour of Honor – Pre-season

Sorry that I haven’t been on here is a while, let me give you a quick refresher and an update.

The ride in Arkansas was my final ride last year. As I had noted one that page, I did some damage to my right foot. Two metatarsals broken, one in the middle, the other bone was broken in two places. After two months of crutches and an air-cast with the only change being that the one bone was getting worse, I had surgery on November 22. That proved to be a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Doctor’s orders were crutches until he saw me the end of January. NO EXCEPTIONS! Since one of the guys that works with him is a lodge brother of mine, I knew I had to follow orders.

At the January visit I was released from the crutches. Wear the air-cast for a few more weeks, but I could drive with a stiff shoe or boot. I was allowed to ride the Spyder since it does not require holding it up at stops. Follow-up on March 4.

March 4 appointment was at 8:02 am. Very specific time, I wan’t about to upset anyone and made sure we were there early. They took X-rays, Physician’s Assistant came in, looked over my foot, asked a few questions, then said I was good to go. No need to wear the air-cast at all, no restrictions at all! I was allowed to ride the motorcycle and return to normal life. Now for the rain to stop long enough to ride.

As for the Tour of Honor, a couple of nice things. First, I was able to reserve my number from 2019. This was rather handy since I still had a box and a half of business cards with my Flag number (#46) and 3/4 of a box of poker chips with mu number. I decided to order another box of poker chips. I have about 30 red and 50 yellow poker ships.

Time for registration came, and those that had reserved a number had a month to register and keep their reserved number. If they failed to by then, no guarantee that they would get their reserved number. I wasn’t taking any extra chances, so I did register a few days after registration opened.

I have been spending time looking over various sites and possible routes this year. I still plan to tackle Alabama on April 1, hopefully with a Tour of Honor SaddleSore Extreme. It will be rough since we have a commitment on the evening of March 31, but I will try to get up and out as early as possible. I may sleep that afternoon, go out as planned, come home take another nap, and get up about 2 am to hit the road after doing some quick planning.

Last year I posted my goals for 2019. Here are my goals for 2020:

  • Visit more ToH Sites (I visited 63 in 2019, 32 in 2018)
  • Visit more total sites (I visited 150 in 2019, 59 in 2018)
  • Complete more states (I completed 8 in 2019, 4 in 2018)
  • Visit more states (I visited 11 in 2019, 7 in 2018)
  • Visit at least one of each type of site (I have not visited a Madonna of the Trail yet!)
  • Complete 2 Tour of Honor Iron Butt Rides (I did Alabama ToH SS Extreme in 2019)
  • Earn a trophy (I just missed a trophy in Alabama by a few hours last year, but I didn’t get started until the 3rd)

Another goal this year is to visit some sites with Jeff. He has his motorcycle endorsement and is registered, number 828. He is still looking at a motorcycle. He wants a Harley, but is leaning toward a smaller, less expensive bike for his first bike. He wants a Harley BAD! It is funny that he was so sure that he would get a Can-Am Spyder, now he is looking at three wheels.

I did learn that I have have multiple databases for Garmin’s Basecamp ride planning software. I will set up a new database for 2020 Tour of Honor so I can have those sites isolated unless I want to include them on a ride for another group.

Now I have to wait for April 1…