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Gary’s Kitchen

Home-made shrimp and cheese grits, corn cakes, watergate salad, sauteed scallops, and a chocolate cake waiting to be sliced. What else can a girl ask for?   Before….and after… Leftovers. Snack. Whatever. Come over for dinner, we’ll throw a steak … Continue reading

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Books, books, more books…

You can never have enough books, but you can have too many books. The problem is where to start reading and when to start culling. And when to stop being acquisitive. Or fussy. Sigh. Library booksales are dangerous. Not only … Continue reading

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Explanation of Geocaching

Several of our friends ask what is this “geocaching” thing. Well, it is hard to explain without actually taking you out, but I will try. The simple geocache is a container which contains a logbook that is hidden somewhere. Only … Continue reading

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The allmondgs are back!

On a fifth anniversary weekend, we went back to GCing together, and you would not believe the sights we saw. A lake, the top of Buffalo Mountain (okay, Gary did, I stayed at the parking lot), small towns–tag team geocaching … Continue reading

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Chateau Morrisette–5th Anniversary Dinner

I may never be able to eat shrimp and grits anywhere else, this place has ruined me for all other versions, do you hear me? Fried green tomatoes, cheese fondue, and a trio of desserts. Not to mention the Frosty … Continue reading

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Stanley’s Store in Ashland

Can you say lump meat crabcake sandwiches to die for? This place has just knocked off all other sandwiches on my list–simplicity in itself. Lump chunks of fresh crab meat, no filler. A warm bun. And the best killer sweet-potato … Continue reading

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5th Wedding Anniversary at Floyd

This was an incredible weekend. A husband who planned dinner at Chateau Morrisette, who was patient enough to follow me around at the Floyd Arts and Crafts Show, who suggested going to the Floyd Country Store to listen to the … Continue reading

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